Garmin strives to maintain Bluetooth compatibility with the most popular brands of headphones on the market. When paired with your compatible Garmin watch, these headphones allow for wireless listening of audio such as music, podcasts, and audio prompts on compatible products.

Are There Certain Models of Headphones That Garmin Recommends?

Your Garmin watch has been designed to work with most Bluetooth-compliant headphones. Not all headphone features will work with Garmin watches such as volume control, pause, or skip, for example. Audio performance and Bluetooth range will vary across brands and models. Your watch has been designed to support standard Bluetooth profiles for wireless audio playback.  However, there are many Bluetooth headphones to choose from and there are differences in performance between headphones and between manufacturers. Garmin recommends the following headphones based on their Bluetooth performance with your watch:

BeatsBeats X
SamsungGalaxy Buds
BoseSoundSport Free

My headphones are not listed above. Will they work?

Your Garmin device has been designed to work with Bluetooth-compliant headphones by supporting standard Bluetooth profiles for wireless audio playback. Consult your owner’s manual for steps on how to pair headphones with your Garmin device.

NOTE: Not all headphone features will work with Garmin devices (e.g., volume control). Audio performance also cannot be guaranteed.  Please connect @ if you need any more assistance .