Many customers contact us on a daily basis asking us to assist them pick a Garmin best suitable for them . This page is specially for those who want to buy one from Garmin’s Fenix series and contains all the basic information you should know before you pick one . Many of you’ll might have heard about the Fenix series or might have seen one of our watches on your friend’s wrist and come to us saying you want that watch . If you are one of them do go through this Blog 🙂

Please note , Garmin’s Fenix Series is one of Garmin’s Premium High End Series and currently one of the fastest selling watches in our store . The most important thing to note in this line of watches is that Garmin has launched 3 Dial Sizes in this series . So there’s a watch for you if you have a small wrist and there’s a watch for you if you want a large dial and there’s also a watch for you if you want a watch size in between these 2 .

3 Options :

So in all , in Garmin’s Fenix series in India you have a total of 14 options ( 4 options in Fenix 6s Sapphire + 6 options in Fenix 6 series +4 options in Fenix 6X series ) . Check the entire series here : .

So please understand nobody can suggest you which watch is best for you or rather you can pick one yourself by just answering 3 questions :
1. You have to decide what size do you need : small ( 6s ) or mid ( 6) or large 6X .
* Please Note , there is a huge difference in Battery life in Fenix 6S and the other 2 options ( ie 6 and 6X ) so we normally recommend the 6 or the 6X if you want really good battery life . So you may also want to consider checking the battery life of 6s if you are considering a smaller dial .

If you decide to go for the Fenix 6 series or the Fenix 6X series in India :

2. Then you have to decide if you want Sapphire or Solar based on the usage .
We recommend you’ll to pick the Fenix 6/6X Sapphire if you want it for trail rides or for short hikes . Basically if you want a rough and tough dial . ( sapphire – scratchless )
And we recommend the Fenix 6/6X Pro Solar if you are into ultras or long treks where you might not have anything to charge your watches . ( Corning Gorilla Glass 3 – which is also damage resistant )

3. And then simply select which one you like look wise from the links given above since feature wise they are very similar _____________________________________________________________________

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