Coros Apex 42


The Coros Apex is a solid performing fitness watch for those who run, cycle, or swim. Its extra-long battery life is unrivaled for its size, making it a great choice for endurance athletes. When power matters, grab the Coros Apex. We tried to kill the battery, but like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, it wouldn’t die.


Coros Apex 46


The Apex is one of the best GPS smartwatches from Coros, it’s sturdily built with tough materials, equipped to track your active life and it has a long battery life that lets you go longer.

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Coros Apex Pro


This Product comes with 2 Years warranty .

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COROS Keychain Watch Charger


ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH COROS PACE 2/APEX 42mm / 46mm /APEX Pro/VERTIX/VERTIX 2* Compatible with COROS PACE 2/APEX/APEX Pro/VERTIX/VERTIX 2 Compact design to be attached to your keys and charge on-the-go Stays extra snug when plugged into your watch Convenient universal USB port Built-In voltage control chip May not work on certain quick charge adapters due to high …
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Coros Pace 2


This Product comes with 2 Years warranty .


Coros Pace 2 Eliud Kipchoge Edition


Eliud Kipchoge Edition package includes the following items: COROS PACE 2 – the model used by Eliud during his Gold Medal winning run at the Tokyo Olympics in a special color combination featuring red and green accents inspired by the Kenyan flag (only 5000 units globally) COROS POD – used by Eliud and his technical …
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Coros Pace 2 Speed Series


For athletes aiming for their new personal best, COROS PACE 2 will be the perfect training partner for the long haul.


Coros Pod


   Performance Optimization Device Can you ever have enough data? We didn’t think so, which is why we created the COROS Performance Optimization Device aka the COROS POD. The COROS POD provides all of the advanced running analytics you crave complementing your COROS GPS Watch to help keep you healthy and fit.    The COROS …
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  A watch for your Altitude and your Attitude Adventure calls your name and you need a watch that will respond with you. The VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch provides the features and durability you need to take on even your dreams’ grandest expeditions. The longest battery life, extreme durability and altitude acclimation assistance make the …
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Coros Vertix 2


The VERTIX 2 can talk to all five major satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou) at the same time. It even offers Dual Frequency satellite communication – an express lane for a faster, better signal previously only available in aviation products. VERTIX 2 brings huge improvements to GPS plotting when navigating between tall …
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