GU Energy Gel ( TRI-BERRY)


Product Description

TRI-BERRY is as smooth as a berry flavor can be… a trifecta of berries for a sweet, rich and ripe flavor. Slight floral notes add depth and another dimension to this otherwise smooth flavor. This tried and true flavor is a favorite among GU fans.

Product Description


Energy Gels provide portable and easy-to-digest calories from carbohydrates that deliver immediate and sustained energy without the stomach distress.

GU Energy Gels use a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. Carbs become the main source of energy as our bodies transition from sedentary to an active state and exercise intensity increases.

The body does have a limited carbohydrate supply, but not enough to sustain higher intensity activity for long periods of time. Thus, as you deplete your carb supply, performance suffers. You need energy in the form of carbohydrates to keep going in longer, more intense efforts.

  • Quantity :24 Pack
  •  Serving Size :32 gm
  • Veg/Non Veg : Vegetarian
  • Type : Pre & Post Workout
  • Sub-Type :  Pre Workout
  • Supplement Type : Energy Gels
  •  How to Use: TRAINING: Eat one GU 15 minutes before and then one GU every 30 to 45 minutes during training.
  •  RACING: Eat one GU 45 minutes before the start, one GU 15 minutes before the start, and then one GU every 30 to 45 minutes during the race.
  Always wash down GU with a few gulps of GU Electrolyte Brew® or water. And, as a guideline, drink 20-24 ounces of fluid per hour throughout training and racing.

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