Squirt ® is what every cyclist wants, a long lasting dry lube that does not gather dirt. The first successful wax/water emulsion containing as much wax as need to last for the duration of a marathon ride. It prolongs the life of your drivetrain by reducing friction while improving shifting and reducing irritating dry chain noise. No degreasing required. If need, clean with a dry brush.


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Product Description

Squirt is biodegradable and contains selected waxes performing different functions in a creamy emulsion. It runs at very low resistance

When applied to the chain it dries, leaving a microfilm of wax that is dry and water repelling. It does not attract dust or debris and stays clean. Unlike oil based lubricants, Squirt does not form a black paste that causes long term damage to a drivetrain. It stays clean in all conditions, ideal for road, TRI, gravel, XC, trail, enduro, commuting and cyclo-cross.

What makes Squirt unique?

Squirt’s Chain wax is unique as  its long lasting, Clean to use, Organic and exceptionally slick helping riders save watts whilst riding. Once in use the wax slowly peels away from the chain taking dirt with it. This helps extend the life of your drive chain.


15ml, 120ml

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