Recently we have started getting many enquiries for the Vibrams fivefingers in India . Vibrams are for those who have decided to take up barefoot running . It’s like a tool to help you strengthen your feet . For many of you , your Ortho / Physio might have suggested Vibrams , but which Vibrams suits you the best ?

We have the following in India :

  1. V-Run – Has more cushioning than any other Vibram but also made on the concept of barefoot running so we suggest you gradually move to Vibrams .
  2. V- Train
  3. Kso- Evo
  4. Kso-Eco
  5. Kso-Trek
  6. V-Trek
  7. V-Trail
  8. V-Alpha
  9. Furoshiki

So 1st thing 1st , Why Vibrams ?