Cycling in Monsoons | Indoor Trainers

Every Monsoon in Mumbai we see a rise in sales on indoor trainers and cyclists have the same doubts , which brand should they go for . There's Direct Drive Smart Trainers from Elite , Tacx and Wahoo and then there's Saris and Minoura's Wheel on trainers .

Some wonder if they should settle for the wheel on trainer or stretch and get the Elite Zumo while some wonder if they Should stretch their budget and get the Kickr Bike or settle for the Neo 2T .

On the other hand there are cyclists who train rigorously and train only indoors . Many cyclists are not allowed outdoors so they have been gifted these wonderful machines to keep them fit . 

Why Indoor Trainers ?

Indoor Trainers are ideal for athletes who want to train indoors . They don't make much noise and its tougher to ride on a trainer then riding outdoors . So while you have the option of training anytime which you may not have otherwise , who lets you go out on a ride at midnight ? 

Why Buy the Most expensive Trainer ?

Like in any other product you buy , the more you pay the better your experience is . We have had customers buy the Elite Suito and immediately upgrade to the Wahoo Kickr within a months time