Oakley Sunglasses with Prescription / Clip On

First let me clear this , there is no clip on System in Oakleys . From what I have understood , clip on's are offered by those brands who don't have the expertise of lenses and don't have an option to custom make the sunglass with Prescription .

Oakleys being one of the oldest and biggest brands in the world , making the best sunglasses for so many years , have the expertise to make Sunglasses with prescription .  Now , Oakley has so many models , how do we identify in which sunglass you can get with prescription ?  

Most sunglasses that you see with 2 lenses , in those you will get with Oakley Authentic lenses when you visit an authorized store near you .

Most common models in which you can make with prescription and get different colour options :

  1. Flak 2.0
  2. Plazma
  3. Portal X
  4. Actuator
  5. Split Shot
  6. Half Jacket
  7. Radar EV Path
  8. Clifden
  9. M2
  10. Jawbreaker
  11. Frogskins / Frogskins Hybrid 
  12. Holbrook
  13. Latch
  14. Contrail Ti

Share your prescription with your dealer so that he can check and reconfirm . We can't make in prescription if your Cylindrical power exceeds 3 .