Elite's Smart Indoor Trainers for Cyclists in India

We started India's first indoor training room having the top end trainers from Elite , Tacx and Wahoo in India back in 2019 where our fellow cyclists could come and train together on their respective bikes on various routes around the globe right next to each other . 

During Covid there was a rise in sales as people were not allowed to go outdoors and dint want to miss out on their training . Now , we see that people have learnt that its better to train indoors as its safer and tougher so you end up saving time and even your family members are happy that you are home doing your thing . So if you wish to train at night or during the afternoon when its really hot outdoors or if its raining , you can just hop and start riding .

Being the largest resellers of the top Indoor Trainer manufacturers since 2019 today we believe it makes more sense to get an indoor trainer from Elite if you reside in India .

Now , depending on your use case you can consider from the below indoor trainers :

  1. Elite Justo - Elite's Latest and Top End model .
  2. Elite Direto XR-T - Our all time favourite 
  3. Elite Suito-T - Customers favourite
  4. Elite Zumo - We have seen many coaches recommend this model for athletes on a budget 

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