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Elite Direto XR-T Smart Trainer

The Direto XR-T is one of Elite's top-of-the-line smart trainers: a precise, robust, and reliable device compatible with a wide range of bike models.

With an impressive accuracy margin of 1.5% ensured by the integrated OTS power meter, the Direto XR-T swiftly positions itself at the forefront of Elite's smart trainer collection. Its smooth pedaling and hyper-realistic slope simulation, capable of replicating inclines up to a staggering 24%, contribute to making it a standout choice.

With the inclusion of the "Easy Start" function for seamless interval resumption in high-wattage ERG mode, connectivity with heart rate monitors and cadence sensors, improved power data stability in ERG mode, and a smoother power data visualization, the Direto XR-T stands tall as one of the top-performing smart trainers in Elite's ecosystem.

What's the difference between a Direto XR and a Direto XR-T?

Direto XR and Direto XR-T are two identical home trainers, featuring the same technical specifications both in terms of structural and electronic features.

What separates them is the sprocket cassette, which is included in the Direto XR but not included in the Direto XR-T.

Integrated power meter to measure power output with accuracy

What sets the Direto XR and Direto XR-T apart as some of the most accurate smart trainers in the Elite smart trainer lineup is the integrated power meter, the OTS (Optical Torque Sensor).

The power meter makes it possible to effectively measure power output on your workouts with +/-1,5% accuracy, one of the highest among commercially available home trainers.

Simulating the highest gradients

The Direto XR-T stands out as an interactive smart trainer, automatically adjusting resistance during your workout. Compared to its predecessors, this model boasts a larger flywheel and replicates gradients up to an impressive 24%.

These enhancements guarantee exceptional performance, especially during intense training sessions. Whether you're quickly checking your training charts, conducting fitness tests, or powering through reps and high-speed sprints, the Direto XR-T provides a seamless experience.

Use it with all indoor cycling software platforms

Like all Elite direct-drive trainers, the¬†Direto XR-T¬†is fully interactive, communicating with all software via¬†ANT+‚ĄĘ FE-C and Bluetooth.

This translates into complete interaction with all existing applications and software on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. Anywhere, anytime, with just a few simple steps, set your route or training program and start pedaling; the Direto XR-T takes care of the rest, automatically adjusting resistance and optimizing your workout according to your needs.

The trainer can be managed using Elite's My E-Training software (available free for 12 months) or other indoor cycling platforms such as Zwift, MyWhoosh, Rouvy, Kinomap, BKOOL, and many more.

Find out about compatible apps and software

Advanced functions

  • Cardio and Cadence Bridge Function

    Connect your heart rate monitor or cadence sensor directly to your smart trainer while using training software.

    Your trainer acts as a bridge, receiving data from the sensors and transmitting it simultaneously to the software. This is particularly handy for platforms like¬†Apple TV, which can only handle two Bluetooth¬ģ Smart sensors at a time.

  • Swift Supertuck

    "Swift" Supertuck lets your smart trainer quickly reset power data when you stop pedaling.

    In this way, Zwift can instantly detect pedal inactivity, activating the supertuck aerodynamic position for your avatar without delay.

  • "Easy Start" Function

    When you briefly stop pedaling in high-wattage ERG mode, this function makes it easier to resume the interval.

    Your trainer will automatically reset the resistance, giving you a few seconds to get back into the groove and regain your cadence before returning to your chosen resistance level.

  • Improved ERG Mode Brake Management

    This feature ensures maximum power data stability in ERG mode.

    The brake response is perfectly synced with the software, eliminating any fluctuations. You'll reach your desired power instantly.

  • Power Smoothing

    Activate this function to get smooth power data visualization in both ERG and Simulation modes.

    You can choose from four levels of data display, customizing the graph’s level of adjustment and smoothing to your liking.

  • Sensorless cadence

    To measure cadence, our trainers make use of practical sensorless technology capable of detecting the pedaling rate without having to install sensors on the bike frame.

    Trainers like Direto XR-T measures cadence via power analysis by means of their innovative in-built power meter OTS. 

It works with the Elite Rizer

Direto XR-T is compatible with the Rizer gradient simulator with steering. 
The Rizer simulates ascents up to 20% and descents down to -10% gradients by pairing with virtual training software to automatically match the virtual gradient on screen. For more realistic rides, the Rizer features steering functionality so you can freely move your handlebars when you’re smashing those climbs. 

Other Elite trainers compatible with the Rizer are Suito, Suito-T, Direto XR and Tuo.
Contact us to verify the Rizer’s compatibility with other brands. 

Total compatibility

The Direto XR-T is one of the most compatible home trainers, perfect with both gravel, mountain and city bikes with 130-135x5mm quick release and 142x12mm thru-axle.

This trainer features a new structure which is perfect to house derailleurs with long cages that feature¬†greater capacity on bigger 12-speed sprocket sets.¬†This is how the¬†Direto XR-T¬†is compatible with 9/10/11 speed Shimano¬ģ¬†and 12 speed Shimano¬ģ road, 12 speed Shimano¬ģ MTB (with Micro Spline freehub body,¬†cod. 1014315),¬† 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo (with freehub¬†cod.¬†1014233), 12 speed SRAM NX with Shimano compatible hub, 12 speed SRAM¬†(XD/XDR freehub cod. 1014279).



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