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Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ falls into the category of Smart home trainers.

Data transmission is wireless and employs the¬†ANT+‚ĄĘ¬†(Power and Speed&Cadence) and¬†Bluetooth Smart¬†communication protocols.

Training sessions are managed via the My E-Training app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, which creates varied and stimulating indoor training sessions.

Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ can also be used with other indoor cycling platforms (which usually require paid subscription), such as: Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Bikevo, Kinomap and many more.

Professional and fun training sessions

Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ is a home trainer that was created to meet the demands of pros that continuously contribute to the development of products with their feedback.

It's the ideal home trainer for a complete traditional training session that, at the same time, is projected towards the web cycling community thanks to its Smart technology.

Now training can be both professional and fun at the same time. Training, gaming and social combine in one single solution that always ensures a new and exciting experience.   

Elastogel roller

The red roller (the area where the wheel rests on) is made in Elastogel (30 mm diameter), the exclusive polyurethane compound developed and tested by ELITE.

This improves tyre adherence, decreases the noise coming from the roller/tyre friction by 50% and tyre consumption by 20%.

Effectiveness of the Crono system

The exclusive Crono compass system has been designed and developed by ELITE for many years and faithfully reproduces how a bike behaves on the road.

Athlete's weight directly affects the home trainer, based on the mechanisms of pedaling on the road.

This affects the power output, for instance at the 30 km/h speed, a 90kg cyclist exerts a different power output than a 60kg cyclist.

It's not the unit that adjusts on the tyre, it's the tyre to ideally place itself on the resistance unit.

A very accurate training by using Cadence, Speed and Power data

All Elite trainers rely on immediate transmission of power, speed and pedal cadence data in order to let you achieve a very specific and accurate training plan.
To measure cadence, our trainers make use of practical sensorless technology capable of detecting the pedaling rate without having to install sensors on the bike frame.

Most of our trainers measures pedal cadence by analyzing the speed variation, whereas our interactive Direto and Drivo II measure cadence via power analysis by means of their innovative in-built power meter OTS. 

Other info

  • Practicality

    Quick initial setup and reduced clutter.

    With the Fast Fixing system you just need one simple movement to hook and unhook your bike.

    Stable and very practical to use under any circumstance.

  • Technology

    Magnetic resistance unit with 8 levels to set via a handlebar mounted selector.

  • Accuracy

    Great data accuracy with the integrated ANT‚ĄĘ+ and Bluetooth Smart speed/power/cadence sensor.

  • Bike compatibility

    Max compatibility with all bikes, both road and mtb, with wheels from 20'' to 29''.

    Maximum measures chainstay + fork: 186.7 mm.

    Verify HERE the compatibility of your bike with Elite indoor trainers.


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