Leap Energy Gel (Cola Flavor)

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Size: Pack of 18


LEAP endurance gel has been designed to keep long-distance running, cycling, and swimming in mind. All endurance activities need consistent energy over an extended period of time and therefore require a source that can provide that energy.

The perfect blend of minerals, & glucose allows this sports drink to replenish glycogen stores, rebuild muscles, and restore hydration. Glucose, carbs, and electrolytes are all needed for experiencing a complete exercise recovery.

LEAP Endurance Gels have been designed to support long-distance running, cycling, and swimming for hours. We have crafted the Leap Gel by infusing the right amount of carbohydrates, amino acids, and MCT oil. Leap Endurance Gels have been tried and tested by scores of national and international athletes.

All of Leap's products are Vegan. Our ingredients have either been sourced from natural food sources or have been synthesized in the lab. No animal products have been used in Leap.


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