Wheelswing Light and Smart Bike Generator

Sale priceRs. 12,990.00

What is the bicycle-specific generator “Wheel Swing”?


This is a dynamo type generator that has never been seen before in Japan.
The generated power can be used to charge smartphones and various bicycle accessories via USB.
*Dynamo type: A battery-free power generation method that converts tire rotation into energy.

Feature.1 USB charging method

All devices connected via USB can be easily charged.Smartphones, USB compatible lights, Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, etc.

USB charging method

Feature.2 Installation in a short time

Can be installed on either front or rear wheels.

Installation in a short time

Feature.3 Maintaining light maneuverability

It reduces pedal resistance, giving the bicycle its light and soft riding feel and maintaining pedaling.

Maintaining light maneuverability


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